The benefits of embracing sustainable transportation in accommodating tourism

Sustainable transport is a solution to health, environmental and economic problems caused by seasonal fluctuations in travel demand that align with the goals of the European Commission. The STARTER project will result in 10 percent energy savings through specific measures developed by each Local Travel Plan Network (LTPN). In the five regions participating, STARTER will increase awareness and knowledge of LTPNs and mobility management among policy-makers, transportation providers, tourism bureaus, economic development agencies and users of transportation services. The knowledge developed will be shared here on the project website but also through reports, journal articles, workshops and conferences. 

Positive effects expected to be realized through STARTER, include those listed below. 

Increased local cooperation: Stakeholders will engage in a fruitful consultation and dialogue about accessible and sustainable transportation. The main task of the target groups united in the LTPN is to investigate and apply the most appropriate mobility policies in their region and to support the embrace of relevant measures and actions. 

Implementation of innovative solutions: Acceptance and development of new or improved energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly mobility policies and measures among local stakeholders who make decisions within their regions, companies involved in the tourism sector, inhabitants and visitors of these regions in order to encourage a shift to less energy-intensive transport modes and increase the efficiency of the entire mobility chain. 

A sustainable transport system: The mobility policies and measures to be promoted in STARTER aim to minimize unnecessary individual car trips, while promoting alternative modes of transportation. These effects will create a mobility environment where traffic is reduced hereby reducing emissions and usage of fossil fuels. This will result in better traffic flow and higher quality of life.

Long-term solutions: Special emphasis will be put on how to mature LTPNs into networks that are economically independent. LTPNs will improve mobility, reduce energy and become viable without the financial support of governmental organizations so their impact will be felt after the completion of the STARTER project.

Market Opportunity: Consumers are becoming more conscious of the need for sustainability and places demonstrating a commitment to this type of transportation may have an advantage in attracting tourists and providing them with a quality experience. 


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