Wide beaches, convention facilities and the visitor’s centre at the Dutch branch of the European Space Agency (ESA) are only a few of the attractions drawing one million visitors to Noordwijk every year. From September to June, professionals from a slew of different industries come to the city to attend conferences in the world-class convention facilities. Between April and September, beachcombers come to enjoy the 13 kilometres of sandy beaches and rugged dunes, which are recognized by both the Blue Flag Quality Label given in acknowledgment of water quality, environmental management and education efforts and the European Quality Coast certification acknowledging sustainable tourism. But all these summer visitors contribute to a parking shortage, which is one problem the Local Travel Plan Network (LTPN) of Noordwijk was meant to address. 

Two specific measures that have been implemented during the first year of the STARTER project include an improved local parking policy and a free beach shuttle. The objective is to encourage visitors to park in a designated lot and preserve neighbourhood parking for the city’s 25,500 permanent residents. The members of the LTPN are also focusing on communicating the existing sustainable mobility options, which include public transportation, a bicycle network and pedestrian connections through a website. During the second year, Noordwijk has focused onreorganizing the beach shuttle and combining this with efforts of local stakeholders by a marketing leaflet.

The LTPN of Noordwijk involves the transportation sector, a city marketing agency and eventually the catering and accommodation sectors. The local economy is largely dependent on the city’s convention facilities, ESTEC – the Dutch branch of the ESA – and general tourism activity. Thus, involving different sectors related to the tourism industry will encourage actions that contribute to a healthy environment and a healthy economy in Noordwijk. 

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