No matter the time of year, Werfenweng at 900 metres of elevation offers a plethora of activities. Skiing, skating, snowshoeing, sledding and more attract about 50 percent of annual visitors between the months of December and April. The other 50 percent come to go hiking, climbing, swimming and mountain biking between May and October. There is an ancient fortress to explore, and Salzburg is only 40 kilometres away. The proximity to Salzburg could ease connection with Werfenweng through rail, but most visitors still arrive by car, though local public transportation options are well utilized by tourists after arrival. 

In order to encourage visitors to utilize public transportation for their trip to the area, Austrian partners of the STARTER project – Herry Consult GmbH and the Municipality of Werfenweng – have developed a Local Travel Plan Network (LTPN) that focuses on cooperation between accommodation enterprises. The region has been actively supporting sustainable transportation since 1997 and has been recognized for these efforts with numerous awards, including “Tourism of Tomorrow” in 2011, Energy Globe in 2002, 2008 and 2012 and OECD’s best practice award “Environmental Sustainable Mobility” in 2004. The LTPN for Werfenweng will focus on soft efforts encouraging behaviour change. Sustainable mobility options will be promoted via a website. A specific measure that has also been undertaken is increasing the fleet of electric vehicles available for rental and redesigning the SAMO e-vehicle rental centre to make it more attractive. The goal was to encourage public transportation among visitors – there are 250,000 overnight stays per year – as well as among the 950 permanent residents of Werfenweng. 

To read the entire Local Travel Plan for Werfenweng, click here.

More information on Werfenweng can be found on www.werfenweng.eu.


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